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We're Up and Running!

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We're Up and Running!

Hello readers, just hopping on to give you an idea about what we've been up to during the Covid-19 pandemic. While the studio was closed during lock down, the team have really taken this time to do extra training and work on their individual design skills.

This has actually been a bit of a blessing in disguise for the studio as it has meant that we now have had the time to think about taking Roger Williams and Son Jewellery Studio to new levels with an online store. Prior to the pandemic we were so busy in the studio that we just didn't really have the time to get around to it. So this was the perfect time for Roger and Tom to take advantage of this unusual amount of free time that we've all been experiencing by coming up with ideas.

The studio is now back open for the public and by the way it is so good to be back!!! 

Since we've been back in the studio our team has come together and are now coming up with new ideas and sketches for jewellery collections that will be in the studio and on our new online store in the near future, so keep an eye out for all this exciting stuff, that we cannot wait to share with you. As always we will be keeping you updated on our bespoke designed pieces. Watch this space!

All The Best,

The Jewellery Studio Team

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