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Our Chocolate Brown Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

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Our Chocolate Brown Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

Hello readers,

Today I'd like to share something pretty special with you - our stunningly beautiful Chocolate Brown Radiant Diamond Ring.

This exquisite, rich, chocolate radiant cut diamond is 0.94ct and really is a sight to behold, not something that we see very often in the Studio, so we feel very lucky to have sourced such a stone. This indulgent diamond was cut into a radiant to really show it's full potential, giving a huge amount of life and sparkle to this rare beauty. We have set this sumptuous stone into a rose gold claw setting. We then paired this diamond up, with two white radiant cut diamonds set either side, to enhance the richness of the centre stone. These white radiants combined are 0.81ct and are set into a platinum tapered band. This ring is a real show stopper, worn as a dress ring or perfect for an engagement ring (especially for someone looking for something a little bit different!). This band is also wed-fit which means it sits perfectly along side a wedding band.

What is so special about the Radiant Cut?

Radiant cut diamonds were designed in 1977 to rival the brilliance and scintillation of a round brilliant cut diamond. A triangular facet pattern with 70 facets, comprising of 25 on the crown, 8 on the girdle and 37 facets on the pavilion, is what gives this diamond shape it's extraordinary fire and sparkle.

It is a perfect alternative if you're looking for something a bit more angular while still wanting the brilliance of a round. 

Join us next time for more news about precious stones as well as some recent designs we have been working on here at the Studio.

If you have any questions about this ring, just leave us a comment and we will get back to you ASAP. 

All the best

The Jewellery Studio Team


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