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Rare Fancy Yellow Diamonds

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Rare Fancy Yellow Diamonds

Hi there Studio Followers,

Today I want to talk to you about our beautiful Three stone fancy yellow and white diamond ring. This is an oval cut fancy yellow diamond weighing 1.02ct with its gorgeous sunny hues and it's elongated shape that follows the finger down the hand which is aesthetically pleasing giving a slimmer longer look to the hand and is accompanied by two white fancy cut pear shaped diamonds adding brightness, more sparkle and elegance to this already richly beautiful yellow diamond, all set into a platinum ring, which is an exquisite choice for an engagement ring.

This is our tribute to the Eureka Diamond.

The Eureka was the first ever yellow diamond to be discovered in South Africa, weighing 21.25 carats that's 4.250g in the rough in 1867, later it was bought by Debeers and cut into a 10.73ct Cushion shaped brilliant cut diamond. Then donated back to the people of South Africa and now sits in the Kimberly mine where it can be seen on display.

One of the most famous Yellow diamonds in the world is owned by Tiffany & Co and it weighs 287.4ct it was also found in the Kimberly mine, South Africa in 1878 and was then cut into a cushion-shaped stellar brilliant cut diamond and can be seen on display at Tiffany & Co's New York City store.

The Natural Yellow Diamond is very rare compared with the white diamond and gets it's colour from the presence of Nitrogen during the formation of the stone.

These Beautiful yellow diamonds known as The Canary Yellow or The Zimmy to people in the trade are often found in South Africa, Australia and Central Africa but have been found in other parts of the world. The Zimmy is a fancy yellow diamond and exceeds the hue of the Canary yellow and is found in mines in Sierra Leone.

As with the white diamonds yellow diamonds are also graded on a grade scale with yellow diamonds the deeper the colour the more expensive the stone. 

With Fancy Light Yellow being the most affordable going onto Fancy Yellow, Intense Yellow, Deep Yellow to Vivid Yellow, being the most expensive per carat . As the deeper the hue the more valuable the diamond.

Best wishes until next time 

The Jewellery Studio Team.

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