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The Triquetra or Trinity Pendant

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The Triquetra or Trinity Pendant

Hello Studio readers,

So today I'll be sharing with you a recent design that we made for one of our customers and the story behind the final design.

This particular customer had inherited some wedding bands and wanted us to use some of the gold which was very sentimental to her in order to design a special gift for one of her two daughters, for her 30th birthday. We discussed design ideas based on the fact that this customer had expressed having a very close bond with her daughter's and their Celtic heritage so we suggested the Trinity Knot Pendant with the daughter's birthstone at the centre. 

We were able to incorporate sentiment which came from her gold, symbolism from the Celtic Trinity Knot and of course the May birthstone which just so happened to be a beautiful green Emerald. 

The Triquetra/ Trinity Knot is an ancient symbol used throughout history in various cultures but mainly often used in Celtic paganism or neo-paganism.

It is the symbol of the triple goddess. The triple goddess consists of 3 figures described as the maiden, the mother and the crone, symbolising and honouring a woman's life cycle and feminine power or energy.

The Trinity Knot provided the perfect representation of the mother and daughter bond while also being symbolic to their heritage. 

It was a truly beautiful gift and a treat for us to make here in the Studio!

Here at the Jewellery studio, we take pleasure in both designing bespoke jewellery for our customers, as well as working with customers to use their old jewellery and turn it into something wonderful and new. 

All the best 

The Jewellery Studio Team

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