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Use the discount code FIRSTORDERJS23 for 10% off your first purchase with us! Use the discount code FIRSTORDERJS23 for 10% off your first purchase with us!

Custom Orders and Remodelling

We produce beautiful jewellery to your budget, no matter how extravagant or modest. Using state of the art technology together with traditional workbench techniques.

Perhaps you have an unloved piece of jewellery, or family heirloom sat in a draw gathering dust. We’re here to help you turn that jewellery that’s not quite your style into something beautiful you can wear and enjoy.


How Does It Work?

Step 1. Design Consultation

We’ll chat about ideas, and find a starting point for the design. If you have gemstones or gold to use, we can advise how to make the most of them.

Step 2. Process

lEach design process is unique, but this step could involve us creating  some initial illustrations, or perhaps sourcing gemstones of a high quality. for you to use.

Step 3. CAD Design

Ones we’ve agreed on a design, you can leave it in the capable hands of our talented CAD jewellery design team. We’ll create some life-like images for you to see. If there are any refinements, you’d like to make, you can request them at this point.

Step 4. Finalisation

The finalised design is now ready for us to take the next steps to make it a reality. our skilful workshop team will continue with all the specialist processes such as casting and stone setting. to craft the finished piece.

All that’s left now is to take your dream jewellery home with you!


Ready to begin your creating your dream piece of jewellery?


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